La lontananza

La lontananza (2009) (6:00) for Violin and Harp. Copyright © Mihai Popean, 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Dedicated to Violin Vasile Beluska who premiered the work on April 19, 2011 accompanied by Julie Buzzelli (harp) at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA.

Commissioned by and dedicated to Vasile Beluska at Bowling Green State University University in 2009.

Program Notes:

La lontananza is loosely translated from Italian as “the far away.” It references a set of events in my previous life characterized by tremendous loss of dear ones in a very short span of time. Those events were the basis for my journey far away, in search for the answers to the great questions of life. La lontananza is a look over the shoulder at the time since I left Europe ten years ago and it is my farewell to the past, as I found on this land what I was looking for.


Bowling Green State University University, Apr. 19, 2011. World premiere.