Film & Theater / TV & Radio

“Music sets the tone and feel for a film or television presentation, and Mihai has a unique talent to enhance the quality of storytelling.” Darren Lashelle, WGTE Public Media Television, Toledo, Ohio.

Listen carefully to the seven songs and at some point you will notice a strange whisper, a tempting balance between auditory sensations and visual projections. The approach is clever, imaginary, sprinkled with thrills and turmoil, elevation, so that in the end it becomes of a deeply human simplicity.” Tudor Runcanu, CD-Radio Cluj.

Mihai Popean’s artistic experience and talent … pushes you on a mystical, divine realm, where life and faith merge and intertwine in a cosmic miracle… The artist’s own vision and the way of combining musical ideas discover a rich spiritual atmosphere, addressed directly to the soul, as part of a whole.” Sergiu Rusu, Radio Arad 99.1 FM.