Conducting and Vocal Performance


2011     Guest conductor, Toledo High School Orchestra, Toledo, OH, SUA.
2001 – 2005     Orchestra Director, ECHS Orchestra, Columbia, SC, USA.
2004     Guest Conductor, RCSD1 Arts Festival, Columbia, SC, USA.
1996 – 1997     Guest conductor, UMF Choral Ensemble, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
1995 – 1998     Conductor, Vivus Chorale, Vivus Cultural Foundation, Cluj-Napoca.
2000 – 2001     Conductor, degree practicum, UVT, Timisoara.
1993 – 1997     Conductor, AMGD (1993-1997) degree practicum, Cluj-Napoca.

Vocal performance (Tenor): 10+ years

WUT Choral Ensemble (2000-01, early & contemporary music repertoire);
Teophania Choir (1994-97, religious repertoire);
Antifonia Chorus (1988-94, contemporary & avant-garde repertoire);
Cappella Transylvanica Choral Ensemble (1988-91, early music);
Vivus Chorale (1995-98, religious music and jazz);
Theoretic Faculty Choral Ensemble (1993-98, Gh.Dima Conservatory, early and classical repertoire);
Bach Academy Chorus (1993-98, Bach repertoire);
Transilvania State Philharmonic Chorus (1991 & 1996, various).

Significant Performances:

Ligetti: Requiem (Strasbourg, France)
Faure: Requiem (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Xenakis: Nekuïa (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Contemporary Music Repertoire (Herning, Denmark)
BachJohannes Passion, Matheus Passion, Missa in Si (various, Romania)
Berlioz: La Damnation de Faust (Tel-Aviv, Israel)
Mozart: Requiem (various, Romania)
Berlioz: Requiem, (Notre Damme de Verdun, France)

The vast majority of my choral & orchestral teaching at this level was inherent in my responsibilities as a teacher/ensemble director and consisted of:

  • creating a homogeneous, coherent, flexible, and unique sound for the ensemble;
  • preparing the voices with appropriate warm-up, vocal, and performance techniques;
  • teaching elements of tone, timbre, and sound production;
  • teaching elements of style and performance practice;
  • teaching elements of sight-reading and aural skills;
  • choosing level-appropriate (age, technical ability, task-related) repertoire;
  • transcribing (from early music manuscripts), arranging and composing new repertoire;
  • organizing rehearsal, performances, presence at competitions, and concert tours;
  • teaching vocal performance, conducting, methods, and aural skills;
  • short-term, long-term and strategic planning;
  • curriculum design, creating teaching tools as necessary (i.e. manuals, collections of repertoire), cross-curricular activities, cross-departmental activities, multidisciplinary teaching approach;
  • publishing scholarly articles, presenting at conferences in related subjects;
  • preparing, recruiting, selecting, and placing voices;
  • preparing the next generation of directors.



Khandro’i Gur (2014) (4:00)
Homage to Tara
(2009) (6:03)
(2008) (10:00)
Tenebrae Factae Sunt
(2003) (6:00)
Frumoasa Pământului
 (1995) (6:00)