Dor (2005) (5:00) for Violin and Piano. Copyright © Mihai Popean, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

Popean, Mihai. Dor Op. 11 Revelations No.2 (2005) (5:00)

Program notes

Opus 11 Revelations is a triptych containing three works for violin and piano dedicated to violinist Ioana Galu, composed between 2004–2006 and. The triptych captures the history of three different years of music composition style based on composer’s life experiences. The mixture of atonal, Romanian traditional and jazz ideas open up a novel world of musical expression and color which forms the basis of the three works, each one with different emphasis on a combination of two musical colors. The violin and the piano share equal importance in the development of the pieces and were intended to be in a dialog rather than a solo with accompaniment relationship.

Dor is a Romanian word that encompasses a wide range of meanings such as grief, hankering, longing, sorrow, wish, woe, lonesome, lovesick, nostalgia and homesickness, all in one word. It is the second out of three works in this collection which brings on the foreground the Romanian traditional and the atonal aspects of the mix. Dor represents the musical arch over the material found in the other two pieces from the same opus.


Timișoara Musicum Academicum Festival, Orpheum Hall, Faculty of Music and Theatre, West University of Timisoara. Cătălina Căpățînă, violin; Zsuzsanna Bakos, piano. November 7, 2019.

Composers’ Forum, Bryan Hall, Vasile Beluska, pian: I-Chen Yeh, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, SUA, March 27, 2008.

Compozitor. Dor (2005) (5:00) pentru vioară și pian, vioară: Vasile Beluska, pian: I-Chen Yeh, Universitatea de Stat Bowling Green, Ohio, SUA, p.a. 22 Ianuarie 2008.