Career Management

Welcome to my Artist Career Management page in 202x. truth is, there is a jungle out there and I prepared for you a page that will clarify a ton of aspects you don’t but should know about how to build your career in the music industry.

First of all, you should know the difference between the many types of artist rights management companies out there, how and why to pick them.

If you are or not in the USA, there might be differences between the way they treat you; however, for now, just steer away from Distro Kid. I almost got caught into their scheme as they falsely advertised 100% of artist royalties back to the artist while, in fact, if you are not a US citizen they charge hidden fees of al least 30% of your royalties which is more than most of the other companies out there. Many artists in 2021 are complaining about the same issue.  

Since the difference between the performing rights organizations might not always be easy to find out, get some clarification here and, if these two are not on your list, apply this knowledge to the ones you have in your country. in Romania, the equivalent would be UCMR-ADA (Association of Authors’ Rights) which is different from UCMR (Union of Composers and Musicologists from Romania) although it has a confusing name. ADA collect performing rights while UCMR registers composers and musicologists, copyrights their works, calls for yearly acquisitions and also makes calls for paid commissions. In the USA, you must register your works with the US government in order to have them fully copyrighted under the law.

Now let’s say you’ve got that great single ready for release but you don’t know the right steps to follow. You should get some good advice here. Of crouse, there will be other things to do after your release, and that you can also plan for using the resources here. I will add content as I go about finding more resources for you.

Good luck and take care!

Just creating your music is simply not enough. Youi really need to create yourself into a brand and building that brand can be don3e well or less well. Here are some really good tips.

What if you have no fans yet and you still want to start releasing tracks? Some valuable info right here…