Nominal Citations

Nominal Citations Nominal Citations 2019                     Boland, N. (2019). The Mood of the Fifth: Exploring Interbeing with (in) the Refrain (Doctoral dissertation, Auckland University of Technology). Retrieved (http://openrepository.aut.ac.nz/bitstream/handle/10292/12433/BolandN.pdf?sequence=3&isAllowed=y). 2018                     Martinsburg. Local students named to all-state orchestra. The Journal, 13 martie 2018, Carolina de Nord, SUA (www.journal-news.net/life/in-our-neighborhood/2015/04/local-students-named-to-all-state-orchestra/). 2018                     Fernando Salvetti, Barbara Bertagni, Pierluigi Ingrassia, Gabriele Pratticò. “HoloLens, […]

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Works timeline

WORKS TIMELINE WORKS IN PROGRESS Babylon, Musical, in progress. Mandārava Contemporary Opera in progress   Liviu Librescu Contemporary Opera in progress   Singularity Sci-Fi Opera in progress 2021 Piano piece (2021) (5:00) for synth piano 2019 Dream Aria – for soprano and orchestra Kiss Aria – for soprano and orchestra 2017 Serpentarius (2017) (3:00) for Violin and Piano     2014 Namkha Artæ

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